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The fastest train in Europe

From mid of June 2015, the fastest train in Europe - Frecciarossa 1000 - runs on rails linking Milan and Rome. We participated on the project by production of entrance system called V300 Zefiro. In the following article we will focus on interesting details from the background of the project.

Knorr-Bremse remains on the road to success

In the press release from Knorr-Bremse headquarters in Munich from 24.3.2015 you can read about mainly financial successes of Knorr-Bremse group in year 2014.

Events for employees

We organize regular social and cultural events for our employees in order to draw our team together.

These events are organized by HR department with the help of volunteers from across the company.

The plan of events for each year is prepared on the basis of a survey of the interest in different types of activities among the employees.

Have a look at what is awaiting us this year:

Grant project “Educate for Growth in South Moravian region"


Last year we successfully finished a project of technical language education, which was created within the initiative “Educate for Growth in South Moravian region" announced by the European Union.

Project was running in period 8.4.2013-31.3.2014.

Project included five English language courses of different advancement levels with a focus on English for engineering and three German language courses focusing on German for engineering in connection with business German.

This project was funded by ESF via the HREOP and from the national budget of the Czech Republic.


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