Company IFE-CR, a.s.

The IFE company currently ranks among the world leaders in development and production of automatic door systems for railway vehicles.

The motto: “Success through Quality and Development” has marked the company development for more than 70 years.

The history of this successful brand stretches back to 1947 when the IFE company was established in Vienna as "Institut für Technische Forschung und Entwicklung", focused at that time on the development and manufacturing of special devices for Austrian industrial companies.

Later, the company started to focus exclusively on the construction and manufacturing of automatic door systems for rail vehicles and it gradually became the leading world manufacturer of these products.

In 1997, the German concern Knorr-Bremse, with a tradition stretching back to 1905, acquired the IFE Company.

The history of IFE in the Czech Republic is significantly shorter. It dates back to 1996, when the IFE-CR, a.s. company was established on the basis of the Hády - Metall Company, a producer of windows and doors for trains.

Currently there are about 860 employees working in the CTP Modřice plant and the company reached a turnover of around 3,4 billions CZK in 2017.

With a yearly output of 27 thousands doors, 19 thousands drive units and 3,2 thousands steps, we are the key production plant of the IFE Company.